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How To Improve Your Writing Productivity, A Research-Based Approach
You’ve got the ideas. You’ve found the right collaborators. You have the best tools at hand. So why aren’t you writing? Or at least – writing as much as you think you should?

Writing involves two elements: technique and practice. To write, you need to understand how to structure a paper, compile a dataset and organise your references. Whatever your field, there will be certain technical and structural things that you need to know. All crucial knowledge. But sometimes you still sit in front of your computer and struggle to complete the task at hand.

You need more than to know how. Knowing how is important, but that alone won’t get the writing done. You’ll also need to find a practice that means you turn up and keep going.

Using practices developed from neuroscience and sociology research, this webinar will cover:
- What stops you writing: procrastination, perfectionism, distraction and building a plan to overcome them
- What keeps you going: finding time, creating a habit, building support and finding accountability


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Bec Evans and Chris Smith
Bec Evans and Chris Smith are the co-founders of Prolifiko, a coaching business that helps people build productive writing habits. They met while working together in a bookshop more than 20 years ago and have spent a lifetime writing and working with other writers. Prior to Prolifiko, Bec worked in publishing, led teams of writers and managed a writing centre for international writing centre, Arvon. She's also the award-winning author of How to Have a Happy Hustle. Chris has a background as a ghostwriter and content consultant to technology companies, global business brands, charities and the public sector. He worked as an agency director before setting up his own communications consultancy and has written for national newspapers and magazines. He is also an award winning script writer.